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SAM_0094f by jiri.ladman
SAM_0094f, a photo by jiri.ladman on Flickr.

Prague, Czech republick

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IMG_6728-1 by Steyr_1973
IMG_6728-1, a photo by Steyr_1973 on Flickr.

Prague 2011

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Love Locks

Love Locks by justkatherine
Love Locks, a photo by justkatherine on Flickr.

Prague, Czech Republic

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typical night shot of Prague

typical night shot of Prague by JarkaOnd
typical night shot of Prague, a photo by JarkaOnd on Flickr.

if you look into any Prague related group you'd see hundreds (ok, maybe a little less) of this kind of shots. And this is mine:)

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Lonely Prague Alley

Lonely Prague Alley by kloppster
Lonely Prague Alley, a photo by kloppster on Flickr.

It is not often you find youself walking down a deserted alleyway in Prague. Generally you are shoulder to shoulder with tourists. This was a nice escape from the crazyness.


Hradshin Castle

Hradshin Castle by Lewitus
Hradshin Castle, a photo by Lewitus on Flickr.

Walking along the river with beautful Hradshin castle in the background


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dancing Windows

Dancing Windows by vidular
Dancing Windows, a photo by vidular on Flickr.

The Dancing Building, also known as Fred & Ginger is one of the architectural gems in the city of Prague, CZ



Little bridge

Little bridge by Crazy farmer
Little bridge, a photo by Crazy farmer on Flickr.

A small bridge connecting to buildings in Prague

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