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prague, originally uploaded by hadensutton.

Prague photos

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Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock, originally uploaded by MadGrin.

"The Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj" photographed by Raffaele Nicolussi aka MadGrin

The Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj (Czech: Pražský orloj [praʒskiː ɔrlɔi]) is a medieval astronomical clock located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, at 50°5′13.23″N 14°25′15.30″E / 50.0870083°N 14.420917°E / 50.0870083; 14.420917. The Orloj is mounted on the southern wall of Old Town City Hall in the Old Town Square and is a popular tourist attraction.

The Orloj is composed of three main components: the astronomical dial, representing the position of the Sun and Moon in the sky and displaying various astronomical details; "The Walk of the Apostles", a clockwork hourly show of figures of the Apostles and other moving sculptures; and a calendar dial with medallions representing the months.

The oldest part of the Orloj, the mechanical clock and astronomical dial, dates back to 1410 when it was made by clockmaker Mikuláš of Kadaň and Jan Šindel, the latter a professor.

Later, presumably around 1490, the calendar dial was added and clock facade decorated with gothic sculptures.

In 1552 it was repaired by Jan Taborský, clock-master of Orloj, who also wrote a report on the clock where he mentioned Hanuš as maker of the clock. This was a mistake, and was corrected during the 20th century.

The Orloj stopped working many times in the centuries after 1552, and was repaired many times. Some speculate that the government purposely gouged out the original maker's eyes in order to prevent him from making a similar clock for another country. After this he died touching the clock, at which point the clock stopped working and remained unrepairable for a number of years. In the 17th century moving statues were added, and figures of the Apostles were added after major repair in 1865-1866.

The Orloj suffered heavy damage on May 7 and especially May 8, 1945, during the Prague Uprising, when Germans directed incendiary fire from several armored vehicles and an anti-aircraft gun to the south-west side of the Old Town Square in an effort to silence the provocative broadcasting initiated by the National Committee on May 5. The hall and nearby buildings burned along with the wooden sculptures on the Orloj and the calendar dial face made by Josef Mánes. The machinery was repaired, the wooden Apostles restored by Vojtěch Sucharda, and the Orloj started working again in 1948, but only after significant effort.

There exists a good deal of misinformation relating to the construction of the Orloj[citation needed]. For a long time it was believed that the Orloj was constructed in 1490 by clockmaster Jan Růže (also called Hanuš) and his assistant Jakub Čech. Another fictitious story involves the clockmaker Hanuš being blinded on the order of the Prague Councillors.

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Prague, originally uploaded by zsoolt.

Jewish cemetary in Prague

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IMG_9380, originally uploaded by Aline Belfort.

This is in the stairs in the way of the castle of prague, and have a lot of this buildings in the wall, making a simetry, like reliefs. Its most huge, and in the measure that went up they revealed as a previous one of the top. Prague, is a wonderful surprise for any people that loves art, in any place, any street you can find some details fantastic, and this are one of these.

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Malostranské namesti

DSC_6328, originally uploaded by Dr Uniacke.

It is the view from Malostranské náměstí looking in the direction of the river.

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Prague photos

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prague, originally uploaded by Véronique Simonnet.

I've got a strange story with the has been near or with me since i am a little girl, but i've just realised in september 2009 that i had to become an artist photoraph and express myself by this way..
All i want is to give pleasure when people look at my photos..

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Prague Castle

Prague Castle, originally uploaded by Hexe75.

Photo: Lucie Bartošová

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Hurvinek, originally uploaded by zsoolt.


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Two double decker trains at Prague station

I was lucky that two double Decker trains arrived at the same time. In the UK we do not have two deck trains.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Prague Castle Night

PragueCastleNight-6531, originally uploaded by Ralph Torres.

Prague is a beautiful city and look forward to returning someday.

Archbishop of Prague's house is on the left, Castle in the background.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome to OldTown Prague

Welcome to OldTown Prague, originally uploaded by RailJet.

Prague photos

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nature house - Praga

Info photo: Praga vista dall'interno del Monastero di Strathov

Retouching and paint: NO
Postprocessing RAW: Saturation

Il monastero di Strahov fu fondato all’ inizio del XII secolo da Vladislao II., il quale lo dedicò all’ ordine dei premonstrati. Sotto l’ immagine barocca di oggi si nasconde uno dei piú vecchi conplessi romani in Europa. Domina l’area la cattedrale dell’abbazia dell’ Assunzione della Vergine Maria, moderata in stile gotico e rinascimentale, ricostruita negli anni 1743 – 1752 in stile barocco da A.Lurago. Vi sono le spoglie mortali di san Norbert, il fondatore dell’ordine premonstrato. Nel monastero é conservata la preziosa biblioteca con molti manoscritti medioevali, le carte, e i grafici. La pinacoteca di Stahov espone una delle piú importanti collezioni di dipinti medioevali. Dall’ anno 1953 è aperto il museo della letteratura ceca.

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Prague photos

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Čertovka, originally uploaded by richaro.

Čertovka (Prague)

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Czech, Prague

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Prague photos

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Stare Mesto street

Stare Mesto street, originally uploaded by yuzusour.

Prague photos

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La haut

La haut, originally uploaded by doudoux_.

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