Monday, November 8, 2010

Czech Beer

Beers, originally uploaded by Ms Kat.

プラハレストラン"ウ.フレクー" "U.Fleku" by: wesmonmon

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Michelle said...

In Prague, they don't do it like in the US. You don't walk up to the bar and see 15 different brews on tap. Each place serves ONE brand of beer and that's it. So, if you know there's a particular brand you want to try, look for the sign. Although some bars which are situated in hotels in Prague can offer you two or tree kind of beer, that is all!! Countless times we saw people sitting down in a place and try to order a beer only to be told by the server that they didn't serve that brand. Some people didn't care and just ordered whatever the place had. But others would get upset that they had to get up and leave because they couldn't get their favorite beer. Just be aware of this and look at the logos on the windows and such before you go in. :)