Wednesday, June 17, 2009

...and the view

...and the view, originally uploaded by anja63.

The photo is taken from the panoramic point near to the statue of the Holy Virgin in Exile on Petrin Hill. The photo has to be seen together with the photo of the homeless near to the statue of the Holy Virgin. I called them "a room with a view" and "the view" (I really felt the lack of a better camera).
That place made me feel like in heaven and expecially the homeless man near to the statue of the Virgin made me think of meaning of being rich/poor. And about being on exile on this Earth...
Maybe he had really found home, who knows, near to the statue.
And the view from there was just fabulous, "all the beauty of the world", like the title of Seifert's autobiography, where Prague plays an essential role.

I am an Italian living in Stockholm, Sweden, so I felt the theme of the "exile" near to myself, even if I choose my "exile" by myself.

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