Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beautiful Prague Castle

Beautiful Prague Castle, originally uploaded by djayawarman.

I was there around the third week of Aril 09 with my friend 2 of them from taiwan (serena ad Miranda) and me and my friend Nindi from Indonesia.

We're studying Master International Communication Management in The Hague University in Den Haag The Netherlands. and I also contribute photo and articel for Rolling Gtone Mag Indonesia for Live concert review.

So many Story to tell about beautifull prague, that i can't say much about, but i wil try to give you some story of some the picture. I already posted some of the picture in Flikr but most of them is in my website in the horizon photography section for the wide view and in photography (klik on the map)

One of the picture that i can remember is the one that i have is the John Lennon Wall which i didn't know about it till i met a friend from London that shared the same hostel with that tell us abut the wall as a tribute for John Lennon. I was a Big Lennon Fans too so thats one of the site that i just have to visit.

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