Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prague - Geologicka

Prague - Geologicka - 17-05-2010, originally uploaded by agcthoms.

Our son has been living in Prague for 6 years and we visit twice a year from Troon in Scotland. We enjoy visiting Prague and the Czech Republic very much. The public transport system in Prague is excellent and I enjiy using it to thye maximum when we are in the city, visiting the outlying areas to see as much as I possibly can.

View from the tram heading towards Prague of the Geoligicka stop, looking towards Sidliste Barrandov.
This is a modern extension to Barrandov from the old ternimus of Hlubocepy in the south west of the city, opened in the mid 2000s. We visit Prague often to visit our son who lives there. I use the occasional hour or two to explore the outlying areas of the city by bus or tram using my 5 day ticket. This was an interesting excursion.

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