Monday, July 5, 2010

The Dancing House, Prague - Contrasts....

The Dancing House (Tančící dům) is the nickname given to a building in downtown Prague. It was designed by Yugoslavian-born Czech architect Vlado Milunić in co-operation with Jewish-Canadian architect Frank Gehry on a vacant riverfront plot (where the previous building had been destroyed during the 

The very non-traditional design was controversial at the time. Czech president Václav Havel, who lived for decades next to the site, had supported it, hoping that the building would become a center of cultural activity.
Originally named Fred and Ginger (after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - the house vaguely resembles a pair of dancers) the house stands out among the Neo-Baroque, Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings for which Prague is famous. Others have nicknamed it "Drunk House".

On the roof is a French restaurant with magnificent views of the city. The building's other tenants include several multinational firms. (The plans for a cultural center were not realized.)

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