Monday, August 3, 2009


sunset, originally uploaded by doradillo.

Prague, Czech Republic

this foto is taken near the Charles Bridge as you can see the Hradcany at the backside, i took it about two days ago during the trip with my friends.

I loved the light of this scene and the couple walking down that street. I also found interesting the composition of the motorbike and the baloon above. Prague is a wonderful city, isn't it? I always try to find something new in the places i already know and.... i think i did this time;)
the magic moment of a summer sunset in a big city...

What about me? My name is Marta. The doradillo nickname doesn't mean anything special... One day I needed to think out a nick for a @ site so I decided just to open a spanish dictionary, that was on my table, and take the first word on the page I opened... it was 5 years ago and I'm using it till now ;)
I'm a student. I come from Upper Silesia in PL, but now during my studies I live in Wrocław. I study IR and Law at the Wroclaw University. I work with Olympus camera E-510.
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